The Ultimate Gym Buddy: Share Your Gym Love with Your True Love

When you look at the picture above what do you see?

I see love.  Adoration, contentment, and comfort.  Togetherness.  A couple that enjoys each others company.

It’s what we strive for in relationships.

But this picture strikes me on a different level, too, because this couple also enjoys the same hobby.  I like to think it’s something they both love.  And they get to share it together.  Who wouldn’t want that?

Some folks have exactly what is depicted above, while others prefer to have their gym time to themselves.

And then there are those who would like to include their significant other in their love of the gym, but that wish is not a reality.

Two Becomes One . . . ?

You and your partner are thick as thieves.  Partners in crime.

Who else is going to reserve judgement as you eat half a tub of ice cream?  Or take your side in a disagreement with someone else, when you are clearly the one at fault?  Who else would politely listen to you drone on about a subject they know nothing about, and really have no interest in?

You spend a lot of time together.  You eat together, sleep together, go to the movies, binge watch your favorite shows, and travel together.

And you have separate interests, too.  That’s okay.  It’s actually a good thing.

A couple is defined as two of something.  A couple is not one.  No matter how often it’s said, and how cool that sounds, a couple is a couple, each with their own interests.

It’s sweet and sentimental and symbolic, but it’s not meant in the literal sense.

So what do you do when you want to include your other half in something that’s important to you?  Especially when that special someone isn’t really interested.

While there is no foolproof way to go about it, there are some things you can try that might just have your partner heading to the gym with you next time.

Just Ask

I know, that’s a top-shelf idea.  Why didn’t you think of it yourself, right?  Well, while asking sounds easy, you might need to put some thought into how you go about it.

Don’t Come From a Place of Change

When asking your partner if they want to work out with you, keep it light and don’t harp on the idea.  Especially if they don’t immediately agree.

Pressuring your partner can come off as you wanting to change them.  And the last thing you want to do is make your partner feel like you want to change them.

Just think for a minute how you would feel if your partner asked you to change in some way, or implied that you needed to change.  That never feels good.

Come From a Place of Love

Make it clear to your partner that you love them exactly as they are and you just want to include them in something that’s important to you.

If the issue is about your partner’s health, due to being overweight or having high blood pressure, then tell them.  You should let them know if you’re worried about their well-being.  Suggest they get a physical and get a doctor’s input before planning a workout regimen.  If this isn’t love, I don’t know what is.

If Your Goal is to Change Your Partner . . .

Just know it won’t end well.  While, yes, it’s good to have a relationship where you can tell each other everything, feelings can be ever so fragile.

Be an Example

You may be extremely into your fitness lifestyle, while your significant other just doesn’t have any interest whatsoever.  Don’t push it.  Just do your thing.  They might decide one day that they want to join you.

In that same vein, it would be great if you opened yourself up to something your partner likes.  Something you’re not really into.  And try it.  Your partner might be pleasantly surprised.

Make an Offer They Can’t Refuse

If, in your relationship, you are given to a little friendly competition, this idea might be met with a little more enthusiasm.

You could make a deal with your partner such as a 30 day challenge.  You could commit to trying something your other half likes, and they would commit to the gym, each of you for 30 days.

If one or the other of you lets the deal lapse before the 30 days are up, you guys could come up with a penalty of sorts.  And if you make the entire 30 days, there should be a reward for each of you.  From this challenge could very well stem a few more things you enjoy doing together.

2 of Hearts

Whether your true love joins in your love of the gym is ultimately up to them.  Just ask.  Don’t push. Lead by example or put your competitive nature to good use.

While I can’t guarantee you’ll add gyming together to your long list of other activities, you might just walk away with a stronger relationship.  Either that or a new hobby of your own.

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