Do it Anyway!

Work out this morning?  I don’t feel like it.  Pick up the kids’ toys from the living room floor (AKA: Hurricane Central)?  Nooooo.  Wash a load of clothes?  Nu uh, not happening.  Wash the dishes?  Really?  Again?  But I just did that yesterday!!  I don’t wanna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

But I did it anyway.  Every bit of it.

I knew if I started off the day without my workout it would definitely be all downhill from there, and nothing would get done.  So I dug some gym clothes out of the drawer, changed, and sat down to write my workout for the day.  The whole time I was getting ready I was thinking, “Ugh, I don’t want to do this.”  But another part of me said, “You know you will feel better when you’re done.” Turns out, I did.  And it set the tone for the rest of the day.  Well, I did that one thing I didn’t want to do, might as well keep going.

There have been days I’ve gone out to my (garage) gym in just this kind of mood.  But I get my music bumping, find my lifting groove, and before I know it I have such a great endorphin rush going one can almost see them floating out of my ears.  And, the I don’t wanna’s have disappeared.  Yes!  I find the power to conquer this workout I didn’t want to do, and I actually enjoy it.


Then there are the days I go out, and it really doesn’t go well.  I simply don’t have any desire to finish the workout.  The music doesn’t help, the endorphins have called in sick to work, and my coordination has taken a vacation day.  It doesn’t happen often, but if things are still blah halfway through my workout, I let myself off the hook.  Sometimes you have to do that.  But I’m talking once in a blue moon here.

Maybe today will be one of those days I love.  One of those days where I just can’t sit down, and I am completely motivated to get everything done, and then some.  One of those days that’s totally opposite of the day I had yesterday.  One of those days where, as I’m in the midst of cleaning out from underneath children’s beds and organizing closets, I say to myself, “Why can’t it be like this every day?”  But then reality sets in, and I realize that this, too, only happens once in a blue moon.

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